Long Island, New York Child Custody Determinations

A child custody dispute may arise at the time of divorce, when an unmarried couple splits, or when third parties like grandparents want to become legally responsible for a child. The emotional strain of child custody disputes can make them even more difficult to resolve, even when factual elements are clear. Farr & Bass, Attorneys at Law have served individuals and families throughout Long Island for over 25 years. We take a strategic approach in child custody disputes to address the needs of our clients and protect the best interests of every child.

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  • Child custody determinations
  • Visitation and parenting schedules
  • Relocation and move-aways
  • Enforcement and modifications

Custody and visitation determinations after separation or divorce

The issue of custody or visitation in a Supreme Court Divorce action or Family Court action is probably the most sensitive of matters faced by separating or divorcing families. Unless these matters can be resolved amicably between the parties the Court will need to be involved in deciding your child's residence and what visitation the non-residential parent will have. Our experienced legal team will advise you as to your custodial rights and issues as they pertain to physical custody, legal custody, joint custody and visitation (sometimes known as "parenting time."

At every stage, we will remain aware of your individual circumstances and the best interests of your child. Even after an order is finalized, our attorneys can pursue issues involving enforcement and modifications, including the relocation of a child.

Negotiations and settlements to secure your interests

When possible, negotiating a settlement with an opposing party can be in your best interests. However, should you not be able to reach an acceptable settlement we will prepare for and take your case to trial. Resolving your dispute out of court allows you and your spouse to develop a creative solution, addressing your unique and individual needs, without relying on the court to make a determination for you. Our attorneys can keep you abreast and informed of your rights throughout the negotiation and settlement process.

Even where intentions are good, not all disputes can be resolved out of court. If your case is complex or requires a court intervention, we can provide the sound counsel and aggressive advocacy you need to protect your rights and the best interests of your children.

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