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A conviction of drunk driving (also known as driving while intoxicated or DWI) or operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs can have both immediate and long-term consequences. Once you are arrested for DWI, your driver's license is suspended. You also maybe facing penalties that include facing jail time, probation, hefty fines, extended license suspension and increased insurance rates.

Whether you had been arrested before or this is your first offense, it is important to know the law, know what actions you should take and know your rights. Farr & Bass, Attorneys at Law offer over 25 years of experience representing clients in the Long Island area. We are here to aggressively defend your rights, arguing to have charges dismissed, to secure a dismissal, reach an acquittal or negotiate to minimize potential consequences.

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Our attorneys have successfully defended numerous people charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving while their abilities have been impaired. We aggressively represent our clients at trial or in the pursuit of a reduction of charges by negotiating with the prosecution. We also educate our clients about their legal rights and options in order that they may make informed decisions about their case. Attorney Brian Bass is a former Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney and has significant experience evaluating your case and counseling you in order to obtain the best possible results.

What is the legal alcohol limit in New York?

If your blood alcohol level is above .08 while you are driving, you could be arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Even if your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is less than the legal limit, if the police determine that your judgment and reflexes have been affected, you are not off the hook. You could still face charges of driving while ability is impaired (DWAI). If your blood alcohol content is significant enough (above .18, more than twice the legal limit), you could be charged with what is known as aggravated DWI. While drunk-driving laws can be strict, you do have rights and should protect them throughout the legal process. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you do that.

Our firm represents clients at every stage of the criminal DWI/DUI process, all the way from refusal hearings to hardship hearings and administrative hearings before the DMV. Keep in mind that you only have a short time to request that hearing, so time is truly of the essence. We will take the time to explore your rights and options while at the same time keeping the lines of communication open, giving you regular updates about any developments in your case. Our goal is to defeat your charges, when possible, and ultimately limit the consequences of a DWI/DUI.

What is the basis for challenging a DWI?

While some defendants think their case is closed at the time of arrest, it is important to consider every basis for your defense. Our attorneys will investigate your case to ensure that officers were compliant. When possible, we will:

  • Challenge the validity of stop itself
  • Challenge accuracy of blood or Breathalyzer results
  • Challenge the administration of field sobriety tests
  • Challenge whether you were actually operating the vehicle

Penalties for DWI Crimes in New York state

Perhaps, no other crimes are more publicized these days than those of Driving While Intoxicated. Recently legislation went into effect allowing prosecutors to charge individuals who operated their vehicles possessing .18 percent or greater BAC with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated. A person convicted of this new statute faces significantly greater penalties including higher fines, mandatory ignition interlock and longer driver license revocation.

Typically, those arrested for driving while intoxicated are charged with misdemeanors, however, individuals who have been previously convicted of a DWI or those who have caused serious injury to others may be charged with a felony. Anybody charged with an alcohol or drug-related motor vehicle offense should be aware that if convicted they may face severe penalties including fines, license suspension or revocation, community service, probation and possibly jail time. It is important to contact a lawyer immediately after being charged.

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